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DIDIER DUBOT ft. L'Escape Hotel's Very Successful Pop-up Project


Date: October 19, 2021 12:00AM


French-inspired jewelry brand Didier Dubot collaborated with premium Parisian-themed L'Escape boutique hotel and created one romantic night special packages. Since both brands' identities are rooted in French culture and history, the "Paris de Reve" themed project was executed pretty organically. Hotel guests just loved the jewelry packages variation depending on the room type - standard, deluxe, and suite. Additionally, these packages included a special makeover session with beauty and fashion tips.

Only the guests who purchased the package could visit the private pop-up space located on the hotel's 23rd floor, where DIDIER DUBOT's "Signature D" line-up and limited-edition items were displayed. Additionally to stunning jewelry, guests received a 10 percent gift coupon for the next purchase at DIDIER DUBOT's store. This project became viral, and people have reserved special room packages in L'Escape hotel within minutes. During the whole project period, suite rooms were fully booked.








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