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HERSTORY: To whom this may concern

Author: DIDIER DUBOT Admin

Date: October 20, 2021 12:00AM

Today’s history was once someone’s story.
Today, it begins here with yours.

Let’s get real for a second.

Living as women should be one of the most beautiful and powerful celebrations of life; and yet, today, it seems to be one of the most difficult, confusing things to navigate. We live in a generation caught between the “grandmums, and mothers who weathered through it all to keep the family together” and the “society (including the grams and Facebook) telling us to be self-sufficient, independent but with a size zero and filtered, air-brushed look”. It is no wonder everyone is frantically and desperately in search of something real because every message, every photo seems somewhat illusive. And also, elusive. 

Truth is rare and sometimes difficult to excavate, very much similar to uncovering special gemstones and priceless diamonds. However, truth, much like unrefined jewels, undergo cleaving and bruting to become exquisite pieces of work that manifest even stronger and more powerful in the face of time and struggle. Myself as a woman, in search of truth, had one goal in mind when we launched the global mission for DIDIER DUBOT: that our stories be as real as possible. 

Our brand is not just about the product: it encapsulates both functional service and brand-specific message that can only be completed through our customer’s individually unique and honest expression with and through them all. DIDIER DUBOT is a global jewelry brand created by a female CEO to empower and honor women and men living their dreams and blazing a trail to fulfill their destiny. And we want to complete our brand story, with you.

In this exclusive DIDIER DUBOT series, you will be a part of the journey through the dreams and desires of real women finding, fighting for their own destiny, some daring, some determined, some in despair, some desperate. But we promise you they are the real, incredible, beautiful women who are making everyday history. Or rather herstory

We hope you will be next.


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